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Stress free moves on your terms…

You are a gem! Thanks for being so disability friendly.

—Rhonda Baker

I recently needed to move some furniture from Queensland to Adelaide in a hurry. The team at Advance Removals responded to my needs instantly and what could have become a difficult and stressful operation was handled with consummate professionalism and courtesy. The entire process was quick, efficient and came in under budget. Thank you, I will certainly be using Advance Removals again.  

—John Horder

The stressful task of moving interstate ultimately turned out to be a comfortable, orderly experience, thanks to the attentive and timely assistance of the Advance Removals staff. Having the multitude of issues taken care of by a single company, including the endlessly difficult task of comparing removalists, saves a considerable amount of time and worry. Everyone I dealt with was committed, considerate and professional and I wouldn't hesitate to utilise their services again in the future.

—Erik Davityan

The Advance Removals Way…

We keep in touch every step of your move

You probably know that a casual she’ll be right approach to a major event like moving is asking for trouble. And yet, you do want to feel that everything is under control. And so it will be. You will find that dealing with Advance Removals is different. Our approach is friendly and supportive and our system demands that we stay in touch, that we help you as much as you need and ensure that everything happens in a planned coordinated way. So you know that everything is under control.

You’re not on your own, we are in your corner. Because we talk removals and relocations all day and know the market, we are in a great position to help you organise your move. And we are here to do that in such a way that you are in control but we can gently suggest the next thing that needs doing. If you have to go right now, we’ll be there. If there is a delay – settlement falls over, property not available, illness etc., we are here to support you. We can re-schedule your truck pretty quickly without cost to you. If our vehicle is waylaid, we’ll send another – pronto. You are our priority and we will ensure the team treats you with the respect you deserve. We’ve got your back.

We organise your move from start to finish
You save time and money with Advance Removals Brokers

You tell us what you value most (your possessions, your preferred date, a smooth on time delivery, lowest price etc.,) and we will select 3 options from our field of 50 plus contractor removalists. To work for us, a removals company has to meet high standards and work with us to deliver your perfect world. Any move is only as good as the team you get so we send the team with the proven track record, not just a reputable company. We will explain what you get for the different prices and help you make the selection that’s right for you. That’s the art of being a successful broker.

Your move procedure is managed by your own consultant with the assistance of a purpose built moving management software application that ensures each step pops up as a task and is time and date stamped on completion. Each consultant at Advance removals genuinely cares how smooth your move is conducted. We know the things that can go wrong and how to prevent them. We’ll also tell you frankly what can go wrong so there is transparency and accountability – to you. And you can always ask for help. Always.

Trust Advance Removals for a smooth ride
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Extra Service when you need it

We can arrange storage
When your dates don’t line up as you would like, or if you decide to take your time house hunting, then storage may be a solution.

Always be aware that redelivery may cost more than short term storage and that access may not always be possible or feasible. However, should you need storage, we are here to help.

We’ll shop around for you, provide advice on depot or self-storage facilities and even arrange it all for you. And when it comes time to redeliver to your new home, we can help there as well.

It sometimes seems there are a million things to do when moving.  If you start early, pack a few boxes every night you’ll feel more in control. But that is not always possible. Getting help while staying in control may well be your perfect world, so we offer a pre-pack service.

We’ll arrive the day before with all the cartons and packaging materials and pack the boxes for you. In the scheme of things it doesn’t cost that much and it makes sense. Just as does unpacking and house brightening at your new destination.

Either way it’s about being in control and knowing that you have a great team here at Advance Removals to help you along the way. 

We can arrange packing and unpacking
Exit cleaning and house brightening
Property Managers are pretty exacting these days, so whether you want your bond back or just need to leave the house spotless for the new owners, an exit clean is needed. If you can do it yourself –great! But you may need to be at the other end quickly to meet the movers or you may just not have the energy to do a whole house after readying the family for the move.

Advance Removals Brokers work with V.I.P Cleaning to get the job done for you. And in regional areas, we have our sources too.

Again, it’s about getting help while staying in control. You will be able to just lock up and go. And the more you can do beforehand, the less it will cost.

It is crucial to ensure (that means ask!) that your movers are insured and to what level. At Advance Removals we insist that all our contractors are insured – and we cover any overlaps, just in case. So we guarantee a minimum of $200,000 replacement value for the contents of any one truck or container load against total loss in any major peril. E.g. Fire, explosion, lightning, theft, flood, impact, rollover.

But you should also ask how much extra it will cost for “scratch and dent” or comprehensive removals insurance. Each of our quotes will show an additional available amount for this peace of mind cover. We do not self-insure, but use and recommend the resources of Allianz, through their CARTS household or commercial removals cover options system.

Remember insurance is for the unforeseeable event!

Comprehensive insurance - peace of mind
Car transport - looking after your loved ones
Would you like the car to be at the departure end or ready waiting at the destination? If you have two cars would you like to have one to use at each end?

Advance Removals Brokers work with Australia’s best – Ceva Logistics and Prix Car – to get the job done for you – professionally. It is likely more cost effective to move the car than to sell cheap and buy at the other end – and be without it in between.

If you decide to drive – and it’s a long drive, may we suggest you go to (the radio shop) for one of Australian Radio’s most popular serials/comedies to smooth the drive and keep you amused and awake!!

Pets are generally much loved members of the family and pose quite a problem at moving time. You can book them a plane ticket to fly ‘with’ you, but you hope they are not left out on a hot and very noisy tarmac for long.

You need also to find transport for them from the destination airport Advance Removals Brokers work with Australia’s best – Jetpets – to get the job done for you – professionally and with great pet sympathy. Whether a bird, cat, dog or llama, Jetpets provide correct size crates, arrange all air travel and boarding if required, as well as pickup and delivery door to door.

Less stress for the pets.We can arrange it all for you as part of the removal.

Interstate Removals - Pet Transport

Meet The Team

Geoff WilliamsOwner
Geoff is the owner of Advance Removals and it’s fair to say the business reflects his personality. From a background of Army transport operations, a furniture retailer and radio salesman, presenter and manager, Geoff maximises all his broad experience to present a relocation sales and advice business strong in communication and of benefit to all people needing to move. He sets high standards in interacting with and supporting clients, emphasising the need to listen. (“after all, we have 2 ears and 1 mouth”). Geoff’s calm voice and approach to all things is ideal for soothing people who call up in a panic because they have forgotten to book the removal – although of course he much prefers to deal with organised people! It’s a mantra that has served him well in delivering solutions for the unique requirements of every single client. Geoff’s charity is the Men’s Health research program by the Freemasons; he tries to visit the gym regularly but would prefer to be cycling on a long rural road; and he also believes that quality red wine is good for the circulatory system!
David CloughMoving Consultant
David joined the team at Advanced Removals in 2012. Two David’s in the office can be confusing so at work we call him “Cloughie” (pronounced ‘Cluffy’). Cloughie comes to us with a wealth of customer service experience mainly in the motor industry where he sold cars and trucks, and worked in customer service departments. Genuinely interested in learning about people, Cloughie enjoys getting to know his customers so that he can better understand what services will suit their needs. Cloughie also has experience in the transport industry and this helps him assist his customers in getting the best service for their moving needs. He loves to chat to customers and removalists alike and still has contacts in the car transport sector. Outside of work Cloughie enjoys spending time with his wife of 20 years, Penny, and their 2 beautiful teenagers Henry and Georgi. The kids enjoy sports so Cloughie and Penny spend a lot of leisure time supporting them. And if you need to know where the best golf courses are near your new location be sure to ask Cloughie!
Karen O'NeillMoving Consultant

A Queenslander who saw the light, Karen is our newest consultant. With experience in both commercial furniture logistics and real estate, and her own household relocations, Karen is well versed in the needs of people moving and how to both avoid pit falls and smooth the transition.

A highly competent person, Karen is the one to have in your corner. She has rapidly built a strong relationship with and respect from the contractors and is focused on the best outcomes for her clients. Generally she is a participant in life so on rainy weekends she sings and tries her hand at scrap booking but she much prefers great weather to get outside riding horses or wake boards. Karen’s organisational skills and ability to prioritise enable her to meet the needs of all clients from householder to corporate or commercial in rural, office or mining localities and she will be with you all the way.

Married to a firie and with 2 children Karen has her feet on the ground and is involving herself in the local community while trying to understand Australian Rules football. With her looming success at Advance Removals there is also a good chance she’ll be asking for some time off to travel and experience new cultures and architectural styles.

David GabarrettaMoving Consultant

We call him David G, he has worked at Advance Removals for 5 years and as a self-proclaimed ‘chatterbox’ he simply loves talking to people. And that’s what he does, all day… talk to people about their move, to find out what we can do to assist. No frivolous chatter, all work. Great on detail, there is simply no one better and more accurate with inventory listing than David. He takes time to understand the unique requirements of each client and his lifelong hobbies of coin and stamp collecting reveal his meticulous nature, while his skills as a keen darts player give us opportunity for a pun on hitting your target for you.

Fact-finding skills and eye for detail make David the perfect partner of choice during a move – especially if you are a little new to the process. David is serious and really has the ability to squeeze out the best deal and manage complicated arrangements for you.

Finally, when all the details are done you’ll find you can have an involved and interesting conversation about films – and you will feel confident that you can call with updates at any time.


Moving Day (or M Day) will always seem easier to deal with if you have a system you can follow.

See the moving tips page for a suggested schedule and then arrange it to suit your own timeline. Talk to your consultant here at Advance Removals Brokers for advice and work with us so that you have the confidence that comes from working together toward a common end by taking well informed decisions along the way.

Whether they be locking in your moving date (very important), arranging boxes, pre-packing of boxes, exit cleaning, pets or vehicles, getting advice on what to take and how, or that timeline of tasks to be done by M Day ‘minus 12’, it’s about gradually bringing it all together so that by Moving Day, you are ready. Ready to move. To a new Life.

A Note From Geoff, Owner and CEO of Advance Removals

Moving interstate can be a whole lot easier when you engage a removalist broker.

Specifically the removalist broker knows the industry better than anyone and has selected experienced and trustworthy operators for peace of mind. Advance Removals looks after your interests first and foremost and aims to find the right team to meet your perfect world.

In the removals industry, only a genuine national full service relocations broker like Advanced Removals has the current knowledge to recommend and select known, proven, reliable and professional removalists at the correct price for when you are moving interstate.

Whether it’s a simple move, or you have pets and motor vehicles, or you need us to supply and pre-pack boxes for you, or you just need us to clean up behind you, Dave, David and Geoff at Advanced Removals are really keen to assist you with the move.

We will provide you or your employer up to 3 clear, different options to cater for your needs – whether they be date options, service level options or carriage options, or a combination, we will tailor them to suit you. And each quote comes complete with a copy of the inventory for your records.

And if the unthinkable happens – a delayed settlement, or family emergency – we will be there to accommodate your changed needs.

So how do you get started? Simply start here and complete the form. Select the basic items you know you will need to move – the list can be fine-tuned later over the phone.

A completed inventory:-

  • Minimises the risk of having to pay for undeclared items.
  • Gives you a yardstick to compare quotes with.
  • Gives us a checklist on delivery.
  • Gives the insurance company some facts in the event of a claim.

Tell us what you need – then we can provide what you want (and always with a smile ). Wherever you are moving within Australia, moving interstate is best done with Advanced Removals Brokers.

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